We are happy to announce a NEW 

sponsor to our Body Positive campaign. It brings us great pleasure to welcome and introduce our

business partner JohnStarClothing.

We have brand NEW V-Neck 

t-shirts now on sale available for retail courtesy of JohnStarClothing.We have 5 NEW designs for the amazing ladies and the girls who support our Body Positive modelling campaign.

JohnStarClothing has 2 locations, a store located in Surrey City Centre Mall and a brand NEW location in Guildford Mall. You will receive a FREE CD with your in store purchase of the

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LADIES JOIN THE CONTEST TODAY ! #bopocamp #acezangelz #thickchickmafia

BLAK ACE's new clothing brand BLAK G3AR is now having an Instagram Modeling contest searching for BLAK G3AR's Model of the month for December. Please follow the hashtag #MerchModel2017 to; promote the photos from the contest, contest updates, and more on BLAK ACE's Merch Model contest. 

Welcome to Blak Ace's official

BODY POSITIVE Promotional Brand Campaign. This is a special promotion of new products from Blak Ace's online store. What makes this campaign unique in its' own way is the " Body Positive " aspect. This new campaign is inspiring models to lose the beauty standards and embrace all of their natural curves and stripes. The #acezangelz - 

"My Passion Modeling & Music"

campaign involves women of all shapes, sizes and ethnicities. The goal of this campaign is to show women that regardless of size, beauty is a standard created by self-confidence not by numbers on a scale. We are encouraging women from around the world to take part in this campaign by wearing any of Blak Ace's t-shirts. Show your support today for #acezangelz and join the new

"My Passion Modeling & Music"

BODY POSITIVE movement.   

I was inspired to do a BODY POSITIVE campaign when I noticed how much of an impact the fashion industry really has on  society, women and the future generation. I wanted to show my support for women being body positive in the industry while promoting my brand and merchandise. After some brief research and some networking with my support system, I knew that I had made the right decision to incorporate women and the sharing of a positive message in to my marketing plan. 

With the support of my fans, followers, friends and family, I have started the campaign through social media by having my supporters submit their photos and videos of them wearing BLAK ACE merchandise. They've been posting and sharing their visuals while using the popular hashtags " #acezangelz " and

" #bopocamp " to promote the BODY POSITIVE campaign.

I encourage all of you to show your support by purchasing one of the T-Shirts. Then submit your photo or video using the popular hashtags " #acezangelz " or

" bopocamp " to be shared on social media via BLAK ACE's online network. 

With social media being such an important tool, I have been able to share my music and also the BLAK G3AR brand around the world. I've had great support along the way and I would like to introduce to you some of the models on my Instagram who've helped in marketing and promoting my music and merchandise online.

I would like to introduce to you my team #acezangelz made up of the attractive, confident and curvy women who've been supporting BLAK G3AR for the

" Body Positive " promotion campaign. Follow me on my Instagram today @BlakAce604 

where you will find lots of new content from these amazing women or you can click on their name below and visit their pages now.


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Contestant Line Up :

1.   @Kristielee_ox

2.   @TriciaGomez5557

3.   @Jarricalee

4.   @Demmy_Blaze

5.   @SugaredPeach

6.   @Hilaryilariya_official

7.   @FalyceAlfred

8.   @Natasha_Crown_Official

9.   @xxDanaDollxx

10. @Qweeniesworld

11. @Mamariler

12. @Issy_DominicanPoison

13. @Snobunny_witha_prettykitty

14. @6Devil6ish6

15. @BrookeCarlsonmn